Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, Inc.

Leadership in harmony with human, economic, & natural resource development

We are building partnerships:

Connecting local communities and leadership to leverage resources


Stuck on where to go next in your project?

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We have the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of landscape construction and we strive to ensure that our projects will be finished on time and on budget.




Demonstrate and share positive examples of non-profit leadership through training and example.

Environmental Education

Assist with providing additional resources to increase awareness about your resource concern and events.


Connecting entities, funding, and ideas together to leverage impact.

State-Wide Projects

Implementation of a variety of projects that cover the state of Minnesota, including improvement to natural resources, energy conservation, and outreach.

Mission Statement

Partnering with Minnesotans to strengthen natural resource conservation and impact community and rural development.
Local people know what is best for their communities.

Stuck on a Project?

MARC&D provides assistance with project development at any point in your process. From the crafting of an initial idea to securing funding, we have the skills and track record to help you succeed.

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Success Story: Administering Ecofootprint

MARC&D served as the administrator for Enbridge’s Ecofootprint Program. This grant program provided $3 million dollars for conservation and research near their Line 3. Projects addressed local conservation concerns which MARC&D was glad to be a part of.

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Current Partnership: Utilizing Carbon Offsets for Private Forestlands

MARC&D is working with several partners to determine how carbon offsets might be used by private landowners, counties and municipalities with forestlands. This may provide another tool for forestland improvement benefiting not only climate change, but added benefits in hydrology, water quality and income opportunity.

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