Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, Inc.


What is an RC&D Council?

RC&D Councils are 501(C)3 non-for-profit corporations. They are not governmental entities, so the typical policies and constraints of local, state, and federal government programs do not limit the types of issues they address or the means they use. Within their respective areas (typically covering 5-11 counties), RC&D Councils have a high degree of independence to carry out activities that will achieve their most important goals. RC&D Council volunteers are leaders and community stakeholders involved in multiple roles in local government, school boards, churches, and other civic activities. At RC&D Council meetings, they draw from their professional expertise and community connections to determine the needs of their RC&D Council areas, address those needs, and make their communities better places to live, work, and play.

RC&D – Local People Solving Local Problems

Local people know what is best for their communities. That is the core premise of the RC&D Program and the key to its success. The RC&D Program provides a process that is unique in that it is driven by the passion of local leaders to mobilize resources to address economic, social, environmental, and quality of life issues within their communities where those issues are best understood.

RC&D Councils in Minnesota have projects underway addressing issues of local food promotions and production, energy conservation and production, improved handling of municipal waste, and numerous watershed activities improving the natural resources of this great state.