Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, Inc.

Council Resources and Capacity Building Home Page

The MN Association of RC&D Councils strives to build the leadership and nonprofit management skills of its members.

We seek to accomplish this through demonstrated leadership and direction at the state level, offering training opportunities, providing capacity building processes directly to council, and encouraging networking with other nonprofits and RC&D organizations.


Staying abreast of nonprofit management skills though attending sessions such as the MCN Nonprofit Leadership Institute helps councils provide the leadership necessary to effectively serve our communities


The following policies are intended for RC&D Council review and use as they see appropriate.  They have not been reviewed by legal advisors, they were simply organized from various outside sources to address issues common to RC&D Councils in Minnesota:

  1. DRAFT MARC&D Director's Handbook
  2. TEMPLATE File Management Policy
  3. TEMPLATE Records Retention Policy
  4. TEMPLATE Whistleblower Policy
  5. DRAFT Employee Handbook
  6. TEMPLATE Conflict of Interest and Gift Policy
  7. TEMPLATE Financial Management Policy
  8. Succession Plan Documents