Project: Propose Your Project to MARCD

Do you have an idea for a project, but don’t where to start? Need 501(c)3 status for your natural resource or community development project? The MN Association of RC&D Councils can provide your project with the necessary organizational infrastructure and expertise to get you started. Whether you’re seeking fiscal sponsorship, to transfer an existing project, to start a new project, or to form your own nonprofit, RC&D’s offer an effective means to plan and implement programs.

Phase of Project Life Cycle
  1. Concept/Idea:
    • MARCD can help facilitate this initial stage of project development through priority exercises, team discussions, and stakeholder meetings.
  2. Development:
    • Developing implementation strategies, targeted audience (demographic and geographic), and initial budget development.
    • MARCD can bring perspective to your project and help you frame your objectives and goals into manageable and effective strategies and outcomes.
  3. Funding Resources:
    • Although there is a a variety of available financial resources from community, foundation, private, state, and federal entities, etc. to assist with project implementation, funding can be competitive and difficult to acquire.
    • MARCD staff is well versed in the ins and outs of grant writing, fund acquisition, and the nuanced requirements and instructions for each granter. We can also serve as an eligible fiscal agent and/or grant administrator.
  4. Implementation:
    • Short on staff and/or resources? MARCD can work with stakeholders, producers, target audiences, and contractors to get your ideas from paper to reality.
  5. Evaluation/Close-Out:
    • Many funders and projects require measurements, monitoring, and/or evaluations to monitor success, understand barriers and facilitators to repeating the project, and expansion with additional partners.
    • MARCD staff is experience in water quality monitoring, social science research, and technical reviews and writing. Additionally, staff are adept at visually attractive reports.
Who do we assist/partner with?
  • Non-profits
  • Community groups
  • Schools, universities, and educators
  • Government natural resource groups
  • Etc.